Time Kills All Deals
Holly Weber
Global Talent Resources
Senior Account Manager


The market is hot. I mean red HOT!

If you’re interviewing three candidates you can bet that those individuals probably have more than one opportunity that they are interviewing for. The best job hunters try to bring two to three jobs in for a landing simultaneously. This gives them the opportunity to have all their options on the table before they have to accept one.

In discussions with our clients we are hearing the same story over and over, “We had 3 candidates cancel onsite interviews this week due to other offers they accepted. One called the day of the interview to cancel! What is going on?”

Do not wait! I’ll repeat…DO NOT WAIT!!

Candidates are ready. They are ready to interview. They are ready to learn more. They are ready to take the next step. You cannot afford to coordinate 10 schedules and set an interview for two weeks out.

If you find a candidate that you’re interested in, make the call. Phone screen, in person interview and make a decision. If you don’t…someone else will.

While moving quickly on interviews is key, the same goes for the offer stage…once you have a winner, pull the trigger and get the offer/background check done as soon as possible.

We are firm believers in the idea that the best negotiation is little to no negotiation. This means that, throughout the process, you’ve been clear about compensation ranges and expectations with your recruiter and the candidates. When making an offer, put your best foot forward. In Northeast Ohio, we are seeing increases on compensation in the ranges from 7-15% or more. Across the US, salary increases are more…20% to 30% or more.

Always keep in mind that straight shooting is valued and respected when it comes time to negotiate…and if you are using a recruiter…let your recruiter do their job and close the deal.

The theme of 2018 is going to be DO NOT WAIT. When you find the right candidates, do not wait to have 5 people approve a resume before you initiate a conversation with a candidate, do not wait to schedule an onsite interview and DO NOT WAIT to make an offer to a candidate that fits your cultural and technical expectations! If you do wait…your competition will be gaining a new member to their team!