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Here are just a few comments from our current customers.

“I have been associated with Glenn Richards on both sides of the recruitment process and can fully attest to the professionalism he brings to the whole hiring process.  As a candidate Glenn walked me through the process, took the time to make sure the prospective company was right for me and gave me the feedback I needed to interview well.  As an employer looking to hire people, I truly appreciated the completeness of Glenn’s approach which is better than I have seen anywhere else.  I was only presented with candidates that were a fit, had been vetted and had the skills to hit the ground running.  The time Glenn saved me from having to read a thousand emailed resumes was invaluable and the people I hired were top notch.  I have used Glenn to fill positions at several companies now and can recommend him without any reservations at all.”

Sales & Marketing Manager

“This letter serves as a recommendation for Global Talent Resources Corporation.  Glenn Richards and his team have worked with me on various recruiting needs for ten years.  What sets Global Talent Resources Corporation apart from other recruiting services is the thorough due diligence that is done on all sides of the recruiting cycle as they understand the importance of each and every hire to both the candidate and the Company.”

“Their process begins with learning from the Corporation about the culture.  Then they spend as much time as required learning from the hiring managers what their needs are for the position, what the successful candidate will possess for characteristics, and what the short-term and long-term expectations are in addition to the performance of the essential functions of the position.  They ask about competition, challenges, management, peer groups and if appropriate subordinate groups.  Before they accept the assignment, they learn as much as possible about the position, the Company and the expectations.”

“Glenn Richards and his team then begin the process of recruiting.  They will keep you informed of their progress but will not burden you with resumes until they have identified what they feel are the top three-five candidates.  At that time, they present the hiring team with a resume and a very thorough summation of the candidate including references.   Our Company has requested some searches that would equate to finding a needle in a haystack and Global Talent Resources has not let us down yet.”

“Mr. Richards and his team work with you throughout the interview process to ensure the process goes smoothly for all involved.  They follow up with the candidate and the interview team.  They share information as appropriate.  Once a candidate has been identified as a potential fit for the position, Mr. Richards works with you to present the offer and follow it through to acceptance.”

“Another attribute of Global Talent Resources Corporation is the follow-up and feedback that Mr. Richards provides once a candidate is placed.  Mr. Richards keeps in touch with those individuals he places to ensure that they are happy but he also keeps in touch with the employer to ensure that the candidate is a solid fit and a contributing member of the organization.  I have several candidates that have been placed by Mr. Richards that have been with our company for a number of years and Mr. Richards still keeps in touch with them.”

“If you are looking to work with a recruiting firm that understands the importance of due diligence and follow up and understands the importance of each hire, I would recommend Global Talent Resources without hesitation.”

Vice President, Human Resources

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